Central Heating in Hastings

Has your central heating boiler begun to cost more to run because it isn’t as efficient as it once was? Are you now seriously considering that you need to get a new central heating boiler installed in your home in East Sussex? Well if you are then here at SJK Plumbing & Heating we can provide you with the right kind of boiler installation in East Sussex service that you need.

With over 16 years of experience in the central heating boilers installation industry, we are able to provide our customers with services that will meet all their specific needs. All work that we carry out is fully guaranteed and insured providing you with complete peace of mind.

However, before you think about getting any new central heating boiler it is important that you know the different types of boilers that are available and how they work.

The size, type and make of boiler you choose will have an effect on how much energy is used and how these boilers heat your home and the water. When it comes to central heating boilers installation in East Sussex we offer three different kinds of boilers for you to consider.

Before we discuss the three main types of central heating boilers in East Sussex you can have there is something to understand first. Every single one of the central heating boilers installations we carry out is also a condensing one.

The inclusion of a condensing unit within each boiler helps to use up heat that would normally escape into the atmosphere. This, in turn, helps to make all kinds of central heating boilers much more energy efficient. In turn, this will help to keep your energy bills lower.

The kinds of central heating boilers in East Sussex we offer here at SJK Plumbing & Heating is as follows:

Combi Boiler

This is the most common type of central heating boilers used in homes and they run on mains pressure water. So there isn’t any need for a tank in your home to hold water for the boiler to use. They are able to heat water immediately and to install such central heating boilers in East Sussex requires very little plumbing work. This type of boiler also provides a constant supply of hot water whenever needed.

System Boiler

Both vented low or unvented high-pressure system boilers need to be attached to a hot water storage cylinder. This particular type of boiler installation in East Sussex is suitable for homes that have more than one bathroom. They still provide you with a constant supply of hot water and are also very economical to run.

Conventional Boiler

This type of boiler installation in East Sussex does require the property to have not just a hot water cylinder, but also a cold-water storage tank and an expansion or feed tank. Again the hot water cylinder holds a constant supply of hot water that is available for immediate use. But of all the central heating boiler systems that can now be installed in properties in East Sussex, this one is the least energy efficient. The main advantage of this kind of central heating boilers installation is that it can provide large amounts of hot water at all times. So is perfect for use in large properties.

If you would like to learn more about the various kinds of central heating boilers in East Sussex that we at SJK Plumbing & Heating can provide then please contact us on 01580 830354. Alternatively, you can contact us by completing our online Contact Form or by sending us an email at info@sjkplumbingheating.co.uk. We will then arrange for one of our experienced team members to contact you to discuss your requirements further.

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